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Alyson Thornton

Alyson has worked with film directors Freedom Bridgewater as Katie in The Awakening, Hugh Phoenix Cross for multiple commercial for My Gym as well as Martin De Thurah in a commercial for SFR communications. She has worked on set with Director David Odio for the short film Lillith and multiple student short films. She has also worked with Marshelle Mills and Gary Fox in the Charles Stewart Playhouse in their Hard Candy Christmas productions. 

Alyson has attended In The Moment Acting Studio for the past 2 years and trains with Tommy Ybarra. 

Alyson is currently working on Feature Film Edith and Harvey with Director Allison Bergman and writers Sorel Kaire and Gabriela Lopez de Dennis. She is incredibly excited to work along side such wonderful and talented cast and crew.

Alyson is a level 2 gymnast and soon to be competitive in local meets. She enjoys Winter time and the multitude of sports available including snowboarding and snow skiing.  She has been active with winter sports since she was 3 and began to ski on her own.  Alyson loves animals and has an English Mastiff and a chinchilla as her pets.  She is currently studying Spanish as a second language.

Alyson cannot wait to appear on the red carpet and wear a custom designed Versace gown. To all of the incredible crew members that have taken her under their wing, thank you.

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