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Tamboura Baptiste

Tamboura Baptiste has been involved in the world of performing arts from a very young age. He had his first acting experience at the age of six, playing the Emperor in the musical, “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Throughout his youth, he studied the violin and performed with the New York youth Symphony in Carnegie Hall at the age of 17. Tamboura has acted in several national commercials including Chrysler, Volvo and Pizza Hut.

Tamboura studied acting at Pomona College in Claremont, CA where he learned the trade of method acting and performed in several stage productions including the Phyllis Nagy play, “Weldon Rising” in which he played the role of Marcel, the drag queen. Tamboura received a Bachelor’s degree in theater performance from Pomona College in 1998.

Tamboura moved to Los Angeles after graduating college to continue honing his craft of acting. He has acted in student films, music videos, and most recently a filmed scene called “Conversation” which he wrote, directed and produced. In “Conversation”, three friends are gathered around a dining room table talking about the current state of the music industry. The laid back nature of the scene reveals Tamboura’s ability to capture the viewer’s attention with a very natural and minimalistic approach to playing a character.

As Tamboura continues to build his career as an actor, he also works as a professional freelance violinist. He performs various gigs such as weddings, private dinners, birthday parties and even street performs occasionally. Tamboura has recorded a couple albums which feature his violin playing in both the Classical and Contemporary genres. Tamboura has a deep passion for the arts and is looking forward to working with others who also share that deep passion. He looks forward to sharing the magic that he knows he can create on stage or on screen.

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