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Brent Yoshida

At the age of 5, Brent began  participating in various community youth program shows, while simultaneously, studying martial arts. Being not particularly gifted, he adapted to enjoying the challenges of working hard towards specific goals. From performing in shows to playing piano in concerts, Brent was introduced to seeing hard work pay off with the smiles of an audience and discovered joy in collaborating with others to share a story.

With a wide range of interests, he stepped away from the stage to pursue other things where he was a 3 sport Varsity athlete and won “Best All Around” from his senior class. He went on to play college football for the University of Southern California (USC). Starting 8 of the 13 games on Special Teams & being part of 2 Rose Bowl Championship teams under Coach Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks). One of his favorite life moments was his first game alongside teammates with 92,000 people in attendance…guess he found himself on a different type of stage.

In 2012, Brent began dabbling in acting again by taking classes and doing a few projects, but his time was split due to helping build a business outside of entertainment. In November of 2018, he decided to jump all-in by going full time into acting. Within 6 months, he booked 40+ principal/supporting role projects ranging from large brand commercials and print campaigns to landing 6 short films in a month. Brent loves the collaborative effort of talented individuals to create stories and believes things come full circle since it’s the same magic of storytelling that captivated him as a child in community performances.

Brent has trained at Berg Studios, Second City, My Acting Studio and has taken a variety of workshops/classes over the years. He continues to challenge his body mentally, physically, & emotionally through his training within acting and fitness.

When not on set, you can find him in the ocean, library, or kitchen. Needless to say, Brent & A.M.W. Talent are excited to partner together moving forward.

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