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Tony Frazier

Tony loves performing in front of people, bottom line. He loves making people smile, laugh, cry, think, and all emotions possible.
    Recently you have seen Tony in two well received videos. One strictly on youtube which is Bart Baker’s Anaconda parody video where Tony plays a very convincing Sir-Mix-Alot. He also can be seen in the video of the popular Techno-pop band Galantis’s Peanut Butter and Jelly where he plays a grocery store dancer. Both videos have gotten rave reviews.
    Tony has had training from a few sources back in his native Wisconsin. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin–Oshkosh with a Bachelor degree in Communications.  He studied theater under Professor Kenneth Hill for two years learning a great deal about performing. He also studied Voice and Diction while in college with Don Burdick. While in LA, Tony has taken classes under AIA (Actors in Action) as well as workshops.
    Tony, when not acting in any major blockbuster movies which is alot, is a DJ using his smooth silk voice to entertain men and women in a couple of clubs in the LA area. He has also been an on-air DJ at a couple of radio stations located back in Wisconsin. Tony, as mentioned before, loves to perform in front of people whether it’s doing a stand-up comedy routine or improv, to doing his favorite passion and hobby Karaoke. He loves “actin’ a fool.”
    So the future is bright for Tony Maurice Frazier. He’s looking forward to much work and opportunities in acting, performing and now writing. He is looking forward to working on the next Emmy or Oscar award winning project and to make a living at what he likes to do. . . performing.

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