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Andrew English Jr

On October 26, 1994 Andrew English Jr was born in the city of angles, Los Angeles California and was given the nickname Drew. Drew always considered himself lucky because he was born into a family that already had ties in the entertainment industry.

During his early years he did a number of small plays that gave him a creative and artistic mind, but nonetheless Drew also took a huge liking into sports. Being naturally gifted with height and athletic ability, Drew excelled at basketball and volleyball which give him a chance to play with the USA junior Mens Olympic volleyball team and earn him a scholarship to play basketball at Notre Dame de Namur University (NDNU). During Drew’s collegiate years at NDNU, he balanced basketball with majoring in communications and minoring in theater. He says, “It was definitely hard being a full-time college athlete, going to class, and acting in plays for the school. But I found a balance that gave me time to do everything I needed.”

After graduating college, Drew got a good job working with the Warner Bros entertainment. However, he knew that acting was his passion and he wanted to express his creative talents on camera. Since his graduation in 2017, Drew has started his film career by being in a number of student films and web series. He has a reoccurring role in the Black web series and is currently producing his own web series that is going to be released in late October.

His most achieved film accomplishments were getting to have a huge supporting role in a pilot starring Camille Winbush and having a featured role in the Netflix film Rise. In addition to all of his theater acting courses he took at university; he also attends the Acting Center workshop class in Encino. Drew is looking forward to what the future brings him and polishing his artistic craft in his next big roll.

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