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Alex Flash

His name is Flash! Alex Flash! He was born on sunny April day 1975 in Ukrainian USSR, where he spent his childhood. Being a teenager he moved to Russia where his acting career started. Teachers at school soon noticed artistry of a new student and Alex started attending theater classes. Since then acting was always in his life. In high school he was playing in school theater.

Before coming to the United States Alex used to travel a lot and even lived in different countries, that is why he speaks five languages (Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, Spanish and English). Living among people with different cultures now helps him a lot in his acting.

Being a versatile person Alex professionally engaged in moto- and auto- sports, gun shooting, archery and fighting. Being used to succeed in all his occupations he even worked as a martial arts coach for military, police and special forces. He also had great achievements (cups, medals and records) as a professional skydiver. And he even took part in a Skydiving expedition to the North Pole.

With all that Alex did not give up his education and got PhD in Psychology which helps him a lot in understanding and deeply showing characters he plays.

In parallel he continued developing his acting skills. Living in Moscow he took acting classes, learned the Stanislavsky Method. And he never stops – keeps learning and practicing acting.

Alex’s life has always been interesting and full and he himself is a really easy-going person which makes a pleasure for people to work with him.

Flash came to Hollywood in 2016 and started his career here as an Extra, Photo Double and Stunt. He had already worked for more than 100 top budget TV shows, movies and music videos and started to play principal roles for short and featured films.

To even more improve his acting skills Alex also studied screenwriting, producing, directing and cinematography. And he won’t stop on it. He is working hard on his career in Hollywood to achieve the highest goals – at least a couple of Oscars for start 😉

Mostly Alex plays Russian (Eastern European) mobsters, gangsters, etc. or Arabic terrorists – such kind of “badass”, but he is also perfect playing good guys: Police Officers, FBI Agent, Military, SWAT etc. And his subtle sense of humor makes him an amazing in comedy genre.

Alex Flash never stops! He always learns new, improves his skills and achieves his goals!

“EVERITHING IS POSSIBLE!” – his life motto!

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